Monday, October 8, 2012

Tall order of Frank

I got inspired/angry and put all the polishes at home on a big pile and made new frankens out of them :)

Here are the results ... If you like any of them feel free to contact me they are all for sale :)

  1. Silver base with red/purple/blue glitter
  2. Purple base with pink/silver/blue glitter
  3. Deep puple holo (linear)
  4. Lime green with mini silver glitter
  5. Light pink with silver/yellow/blue/green glitter
  6. Vampy red-puple base with gold and red glitter
  7. Deep red holo (linear)
  8. Metallic blue with mini silver glitter
  9. Purple base with red/purple/blue glitter (same as no.1)
  10. Turquoise base with gold shimmer
  11. Blue with gold - silver shimmer with tiny silver glitter

A favorite in the bunch - be4 and after shaking it :)
Swatch of no.7 and 2 more franks with the same contents just different glitter to base ratio :)
A favorite in the bunch (not for sale) made out of my favorites Essence Cookies&cream and Make it golden :)


  1. Sami lepi <3 Kaj maš pa na zadnji sliki na palcu?

  2. Catrice put lavender o the agenda + Essence vegas nights :)


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