Friday, October 12, 2012

Four elements challenge: Water

I'm an Aquarius ... Thou symbolically connected to water it's an air sign. So some how I'm not a fan of water. I don't like the sea - always cold and all those critters in there - big pass. I love steaming hot water - showers and hot springs are the place for me.

So i used Catrice feel the yacht beat, Essence grumpy and Catrice blues brothers vol II. to make the gradient. Then I went over it all with Essence princ charming. I used all my favorite blues :)

Here are the other lovely participants:

1. Natalsie  3. GiMiKd GIRL  5. Deja  7. Mateji ustvarajata  
2. Love My Nails  4. nail crazy  6. Taya  

(Submissions close in 6d 21h 4m)
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