Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's do the time warp challenge: day 2

It's Vintage, Darling!


So I don't know about vintage but it is definitely my favorite era when it comes to fashion - Victorian. I am a firm believer that knees should never be shown in public :) so long skirts from the Victorian era are perfect. I always loved the dark colours that were in vogue back then - the blacks, dark greens, burgundies and dark blues. Victorian just can't go wrong in my eyes.

I used S-he stylezone no.340, no.235 and no.215 as base polishes (2 coats each). Over them i either put Makeup factory no.105 or Maxfactor Fantasy fire.

For inspiration i used the picture from a catalogue form that time and the lovely miss Adler from the Sherlock Holmes movie. She might be a fictional character but her outfits seem very accurate to me. And i was a fashion student for 2 years so in this challenge i had some flashbacks ;)

Most polishes have a round bottle, but i realised that none in this challenge do ... 

Irene Adler

The color inspiration
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