Sunday, September 2, 2012

Current obssesion: Poison

Well not rly poison but i've discovered my new talent - making liquors. So this is the process in pictures of my recent creation: Menthol liquor.

Here is the recipe:

1 L bottle
Fresh peppermint leaves - as many as you can put in the bottle
250g of sugar
Strong spirits with at least 30% alcohol cca. 3/4 L
1/4 L of brown rum
4 bags of vanilla flavored sugar
Half a bottle of green food dye (preferably menthol flavored)

You put all of that in a bottle and leave it for a month on the sun. From time to time you have to go check it and shake the bottle a bit so the sugar melts. Then you strain it and its ready for drinking.
It's the perfect kissing drink because you always have a lovely minty flavor :)

Good luck ;)

The leaves look a bit gross :(

This is the result before being strained - not there is no sugar on the bottom that's how you know its done

this is how  packed it and now they are ready for sale and some will end as gifts for my friends
Is this not the most perfect shade of green?


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  1. Well, pridemo na pokuĊĦinjo ;) Hot cold wine was simple de-licious


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