Saturday, September 8, 2012

31 day challenge: day 8 - metallic

Day 8 already and it's metallic time. I am a big fan of metallics but i decided to do things a bit differently. I was sure every one will use metallic blues, silvers and purples. So i used holo metallics ... They are a vaguely in the same group right?

I used:
Depend holographic silver 2025
Berry m black holo glitter
a franken polish made by miss Hysteria

Here is the link to miss Hysterias blog, if you like the black franken holo polish i bet she will make some more for you. LINK
Because a black holo polish is rly hard to get where i come from.

Here are the other ladies that are participating today:

(Submissions close in 22h 30m)
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