Monday, September 24, 2012

31 day challenge: day 24 - inspired by a book

AYE books i do love them ;) Hehe and one of my favorite genre is Pirates! Yarr!!

So i chose the classic that made the world see pirates the way we do now - Treasure island by Robert L. Stevenson. And for that matter did any1 seen Treasure planet? I love that thing too ;) (Next years idea for the movie challenge incoming)

I used sandy colours for the base polish and black for the X marks the spot parts - ahh and the red X is the treasure one ;)

For base polishes i used : Essence cookies & cream, Cookie love and LE Sneezy. Catrice goldfinger with Depend holo sand gray over it they all have black marks made with Essence black is back. China glaze kalahari kiss has the red mark made with Catrice caught on the red carpet.

Here are the other participants:

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