Monday, August 27, 2012

What do we have here to work with?

So for my own sanity I did this post and collected inventory. For a reasonable price i could be persuaded to sell you anything! Or just ask where i got it  (my mail is at the about me section) ;)

Get ready this will be very photo intensive ;)

Golds and yellows
Essence - Mellow yellow
Essence - Make it golden
Golden rose no.289
Essence - night in vegas
Essence - 69 movin' on
Catrice - Steel my heart
Catrice - Khaki Perry
Catrice - Goldfinger (all time favorite)
Catrice LE Revoltaire - Color of honor
Catrice LE Revoltaire - Attracting Camuflage
Catrice - Birdy Reloaded!

Browns and bronzes
Depend - magnetic no.6003
Essence - Cookies and gream
Essence - Gold fever
Essence LE Snow white - Sneezy
Essence - Cookie love
Essence LE Snow white - the Huntsman
Catrice - Copper cabana
Ruby kisses - Campagned out

Depend - cracked effect no.5002
Beauty line no.112
Essence - date in the moonlight
Golden rose no.339
Ruby kisses - Regaled out blue
Essence LE Vampire's love - Into the dark
Catrice - George blueney
Catrice - Blues Brother vol.II
Catrice LE Cruise couture - Nautica (Gotta love the design detail on the bottle)
Catrice LE Welcome to Las Vegas - Alluring night

More blues
Alessandro - Deep blue ocean
Depend no.252
Essence - Let's get lost!
Essence LE Snow white - Grumpy (Best polish in exsistance ;))
S-he no.285
Catrice - It's all i can blue
Catrice - Pool party at night
Essence LE Snow white - Prince charming ( <3 )
Catrice LE Cruise couture - Feel the yacht beat
Catrice - Blue cara ciao
Ruby kisses - Blues clues (one of the few neons i don't h8)

Depend crackling effect
Pretty and polished - Shredded rubber
Catrice - I wear my sunglasses at night
Catrice LE Welcome to Las Vegas - Drama queen
Essence LE Rebels - Punk royal
Ruby kisses - Steel magnolia

Gray, glitter, silver
Depend - holographic no.2034
Essence LE Marble mania - Silver twister
Essence - I'm the boss!
Essence topper - Hello holo
Essence topper no.11
Catrice - London's weaher forecast
Catrice - Captain Sparrow's boat

Essence LE Vampire's love - The dawn is broken
Catrice - Sing: Hey, Dirty - Lilah!
Bichun no.32
Essence - Sparkling water lilly
Essence - Love's recepie
Essence - Grey't to be here
Ruby kisses - Show white

Turqois and green

Depend no.054
Deborah - pret a porter - I am your meremaid
Bichun no.61
S-he no. 314
Catrice - After eight
Catrice - No snow petrol
Catrice - Jade is not my name
Catrice LE Coolibri - Birds flying high


Maxfactor - Fantasy fire
Essence - Passion for fashion
Essence - Where is the party!
Deborah - pret a proter - Knock out violet
Essence - Stuck on you
Catrice - Heavy metallic
Catrice - Poison me, poison you!
Essence - 63 Purple cherry
S-he no.265
S-he no.260


Essence - A lovely secret
Essence - colour 3 - Boys are back in town, it's just a little crush
Essence - Break through
Essence - i'm blueutiful
Essence - Oh my glitter!
Golden rose no. 234
Made by miss Hysteria
Essence LE Re-mix - Maybe i'm amazed
Essence LE Snow white - Evil queen
Catrice - From dusk to dawn
Catrice - Steel my soul
Catrice - Dirty berry
Ruby kisses - All purpled out

Reds and pinks
Smart girls no.119 (my crown jewel)
Catrice - Marilyn and Me
Essence LE Vampires love - True love
Essence - Ultimate pink
Essence - Party princess
S-he no.235
Catrice LE Revoltaire - Misson Lillac
Catrice LE Cucuba - Salsa cubana
Catrice - Wrapped around my finger

Essence - Meet me now!
Essence LE Rebels - Mauve like a rockstar
Essence - Ballerina's charm
Catrice - Put lavender on the Agenda
Bichun no.673 (it has tiny moons in it ;) )

happy counting ....

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  1. Nope....I like too many....I'd be broke in no time. LOL


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