Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What am I reading: Jane Austen

I hate romance novels ... But there is something about the classics. Jane Austen writes so delicatly and so detailed that after 2 much of her work I start talking like the characters in the book. I think I like the books even more couse they are essentialy love stories but they are so wrapped in propreity that there is no shallownes the way they are in the modern love stories ( possibly with a porn male model on the cover hugging some ''historiclly correct'' wench ). And don't judge me but I'm a sucker for happy endings and they are a Jane Austen guarantee.  I've got a collection of her 3 novels for my b-day from a awesome ( mind reading) friend and it took me 6 months to start reading it. The book is kindoff intimidating it has 863 pages but there are some pictures in it ;) The collection contains : Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Northanger Abbey. Currently im stuck at Emma. 

A quote from the current page: Those were the words; in them lay the tormenting ideas which Emma could not get rid of, and which constituted the real misery of the business to her.

Here is a pretty copy of Emma...

Have u read any of Jane Austen works? 


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