Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer haul

So I'm always bothering miss Hysteria about posts like this. So this is protection from same comments here ;)

Essence - peeloff base coat
Catrice - how i matt your mother
Catrice - Caught on the red carpet
Catrice LE Cucuba - Havana drum
Catrice - ACid DC
Deborah - Sense tech no.10
Deborah - pret a porter crackling no.03
Deborah - pret a porter crackling no.01
Depend - crackling effect no. 5011
Depend - holographic no. 2025
Depend no. 315
L.A. Girl - glitter addict - Jostle (my pride and joy)
Essence - glowing in the dark topper
Essence - crack me! Pearly pink
Essence - crack me! black
Essence - I love bad boys
Essence - icy princess

How much polish is to much polish?


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