Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LoL mani: Wicked LeBlanc

It is offical this is my favorite skin and i put the most work in this mani ;) I love her Cruela DeVille look. Don't judge me I don't support the fur industry, but Cruella is and ICON (Lady Gaga before there was Lady Gaga).

For the base polishes i used Essence 43 Where is the party?, Catrice LE Revoltire Attracting Camuflage and Colour of honor. Then I applied a matt coat to all except the Colour of honor. It was a risk since i hoped the duochrome Essence polish won't lose the effect (and it didn't yay ;)) And the Attractin Camuflage polish is so ugly, that i only use with matt coats.

Over the colour of honor i applied Essence 67 Make it golden (all time favorite glitter). Over Attracting Camuflage I made a french tip with Catrice 680 Khaki Perry. Over the remaining fingers i made the tips with Catrice 110 Poison me, poison you! A new record i used 7 polishes for the look.

Wicked LeBlanc skin - gotta love the scared creatures at the bottom >:)

the duo chrome is still visible - even after using matt over coat

A deatil look for comparison - matt vs. super shiny glitter look
What was the most number of polishes you used for a mani?

''Classic missdirection.''


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