Thursday, August 9, 2012

LoL mani : Viktor the Machine herald

The lucky third is Viktor as inspiration. I'm obsessed with Orianna in the game and her best companion would be Viktor. So I choose a matt purple toupe and a shiny rusty bronze to make a steampunkish colour blocked mani. I used Catice 905 Steel my Soul and Essence 120 Cookie love.
Viktor the machine herald

It has gold shimmer inside that is not very visible once applied. 
There are gold flakies in the bottle, but the polish is matt so they  are not very visible.
"Relinquish the flesh."

In the time of neons how do you like neutral colours?



  1. Neoni ftw :) Steel my Soul zgleda awesome, si ga morm kupt. Cookie love zgleda pa rjav, sori :D

  2. yeah i knows da zgleda brown sam take barveso mi ql ne sme bit chocolate or poop brown ;)


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