Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LoL mani: Prestigious LeBlanc

Omg I <3 this skin couz it's such a classic magician look. Red, black and white is an awesome combination for everything. I used Essence 102 Sparkling water Lilly for the background (2 coats), Catrice 550 Marlyn & Me for the red french tip and Shredded rubber from Pretty and Polished (home made, bought on Etsy). The blue shimmer in Essence is barley visible, but i managed to get it on the photo. Srsly the new Essence nail polishes relay don't deliver on the shimmers in the fall line :( And the micro glitter in the red is also not relay visible, but that is because the surface is relay small. So Catrice you are forgiven for the time being ;)

Prestigious LeBlanc skinn
The black gradient was hard to make because the polish is a bit old and hardened .. but i powered through it ;)

Macro & flash on! And viola the weak blue shimmer appears

''Lying is like 95% of what I do.''


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  1. Ta črn preliv mi je pa tok všeč :) Čeprov js se zadnje čase izživljam nad gobicami. Efeekt tudi noro izpade :)


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