Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LoL mani: LeBlanc the Deceiver

My second favorite character in LoL is LeBlanc. I have 3 of her skins and I have decide to make manis for all of them. I always play female character so no brainer that this one is my favorite. But all time favorite of mine is Volibear (i need a lot of preparation for that majestic mani). LeBlanc is dark, mean and just magical, uuu and super powerful ;)

For the classic skin I used Essence 134 Stuck on you and colorblocked it with a bronze Depend magnetix. But the magnet i got with the polish was too weak so I used a regular one from my fridge decor ;) For my 1st magnetix i think it went well but its a hassle to make :(

LeBlanc the Deceiver - classic skinn

Detail on the magnetix and note how pretty the dark purple is ;)
Did you found it easy to deal with magnetix nail polish? Have any tips?

''Is all smoke and mirrors ...'' (she has a hypnotic voice, it's real hot when she says it)


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