Sunday, August 26, 2012

LoL mani: Kayle the Judicator

Angels, swords, armor that's what i am all about. So my love for Kayle is boundless. By the name and look for a while i thought she was a man (sry sometimes i have blond moments )

I got this Deborah 01 crackling golden polish, but it was not really good at covering darker base polishes. So the trick to wait a few seconds with the brush in the air before applying worked and i got it to become totally matt.

For the base polish i used Catrice 070 Caught on the red carpet and Essence 141 Icy princess.
Kayle the Judicator

If you didn't notice the boobs on the armor, here is the proof shes a hot angel ;)

Did you ever had any problems with the brighter crackle polishes?

''Lead me to battle!''



  1. Can you link a higher resolution version? Its a bit small to use as a walpaper, but I really like it :C

  2. just click the picture and the bigger resolution will pop up. But it's one of my early works and I realy need to redo this one :)


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