Monday, August 13, 2012

LoL mani: Dr. Mundo - the Madman of Zaun

So I deiced to make this mani. Since I am at my Granny's, I work a lot and my hands are quite damaged. So I made this Dr. Mundo mani, he might be a doctor and I might be injured, but hell no would I ever visit that sadist ;) . It is based on his colour scheme - purple and turquoise ( one of my favorite colorblock combos ever ). I used Essence 133 oh my glitter! and damn does it glitters. It contains a bright purple/pink glitter that is always shimmering. The other one is Catrice 880 No snow petrol, it is quite a disappointment. In the bottle it has a purple glittery shimmer but on the nails it is non existent, not even when I tried to take a photo with flash :(

Dr. Mundo the Madman of Zaun - gotta Love the needle and the 'surgeons' cleaver

Not even in the bottle could I capture the elusive purple shimmer in  the Catrice polish.

(with flash)  Note  the single Catrice 880 No snow petrol

(no flash) Yes I have a booboo ... no dr. Mundo I don't want any help :)

''Mundo goes where he pleases!''

Did a injury ever stoped you from blogging?


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