Thursday, August 23, 2012

LoL mani: Annie the Dark Child

Annie was my fist champion that i got to play. So she is special to me, besides being one of the most original designs in the game. As a side note I'm not a fan of colour pink but here i used Essence 108 ultimate pink, because it's the same colour as the original Barbie boxes (guess what i was playing with when Annies age). On top of it i used Essence 105 party princess. In the bottle it seems like there is some pink pigment in the polish next to the glitter. But it relay isn't very visible in this combo.

For Tibbers the bear i used Catrice 900 Steel my heart and Essence LE Sneezy. It's my first gradient. I think it went well.

Annie the Dark Child
The gradient is most visible on the 1st and last finger
Essence 105 party princess
Catrice 900 Steel my soul... the most visible is the blue shimmer inside, besides other

''Do you wanna play too? It'll be fun!''


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