Monday, August 13, 2012

Drama queen

So I saw this and deiced to share it with the world. I usually don't get attached to trees ... but this was my favorite one. I actually picked the plums every year and so on ... This yeah the stupid tree overdid it and bore too much fruit. So it broke. The sad thing is the plums on the broken branches still grow riper by the day :( But there is no fixing it. I do not know what will we do with it in the fall when there will be harvest time. So I am angry at the overachieving tree and it being a drama queen and braking like this. At the same time it is and event that is so poetic, sad and artfull it requires to be remembered.

The tree had 3 main branches, two of them broke. I don't know 3 is a such a magical number and 1 is so lonely :(
A zoomed fracture. How sad it is that right next to it a new plum is growing?
A close up of one of the fractures. Loves the gray blue moss

Photos courtesy of Father Z. :)


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