Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LoL mani: Karthus the Deathsinger

Well he deserves to be mentioned just for the fast that he has the most awesome global ultimate in the whole game. I don't rly play him. But hes design is interesting though. Especially the Lady Liberty and Grim Reaper skins.

So all i used is Berry m 333 black multi glitter. Karthus is all about darkness and in this particular skin - Statue of Karthus has some fireworks in the back. So glitter is required for this mani. Not everything must be doom and gloom ;)

As a side note, if you put a matt overcoat over this polish the glitter becomes only silver/gray and the 'rainbow' holo effect is gone.
The holo glitter is hard to take a picture of 

Karthus the statue skin 

''Share my curse!''


LoL mani: Nocturne the eternal nightmare

Not rly a fan of Nocture, just can't get the mechanics of playing him. But hes voice is so evil and dark i do love when he yells 'Darkness' all over the map and everything goes black.

So i used 3 colours as they are seen in his splash art. I used 3 of my all time favorite polishes ;)
Berry m 333 black multi glitter as base polish, over i put either LA Girl glitter addict jostle or Essence 08 night in Vegas. Those blue and (mostly) red glitter picks the holo silver glitter in the black nicely.

Detail on blue glitter
Detail on holo (mostly red) glitter

Nocturne the eternal nightmare

 ''Embrace the darkness.''


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LoL mani: Galio the Sentinel's Sorrow

Galio was part of the previous week free rotation. I'm not rly a fan and don't play him at all. But my friend Kasperos is playing him a lot. So this post is dedicated 2 him (let's hope it gets him laid ;))

I used Catrice birdy reloaded! and LE Coolibri Brids flying high for base polishes. Over it i put Depend crackled effect no.5011.

Galio the Sentinel's Sorrow

Do you get a neon vibe from this mani as well?

'' I guard between life and death. Killing only sends me home. ''


Monday, August 27, 2012

What do we have here to work with?

So for my own sanity I did this post and collected inventory. For a reasonable price i could be persuaded to sell you anything! Or just ask where i got it  (my mail is at the about me section) ;)

Get ready this will be very photo intensive ;)

Golds and yellows
Essence - Mellow yellow
Essence - Make it golden
Golden rose no.289
Essence - night in vegas
Essence - 69 movin' on
Catrice - Steel my heart
Catrice - Khaki Perry
Catrice - Goldfinger (all time favorite)
Catrice LE Revoltaire - Color of honor
Catrice LE Revoltaire - Attracting Camuflage
Catrice - Birdy Reloaded!

Browns and bronzes
Depend - magnetic no.6003
Essence - Cookies and gream
Essence - Gold fever
Essence LE Snow white - Sneezy
Essence - Cookie love
Essence LE Snow white - the Huntsman
Catrice - Copper cabana
Ruby kisses - Campagned out

Depend - cracked effect no.5002
Beauty line no.112
Essence - date in the moonlight
Golden rose no.339
Ruby kisses - Regaled out blue
Essence LE Vampire's love - Into the dark
Catrice - George blueney
Catrice - Blues Brother vol.II
Catrice LE Cruise couture - Nautica (Gotta love the design detail on the bottle)
Catrice LE Welcome to Las Vegas - Alluring night

More blues
Alessandro - Deep blue ocean
Depend no.252
Essence - Let's get lost!
Essence LE Snow white - Grumpy (Best polish in exsistance ;))
S-he no.285
Catrice - It's all i can blue
Catrice - Pool party at night
Essence LE Snow white - Prince charming ( <3 )
Catrice LE Cruise couture - Feel the yacht beat
Catrice - Blue cara ciao
Ruby kisses - Blues clues (one of the few neons i don't h8)

Depend crackling effect
Pretty and polished - Shredded rubber
Catrice - I wear my sunglasses at night
Catrice LE Welcome to Las Vegas - Drama queen
Essence LE Rebels - Punk royal
Ruby kisses - Steel magnolia

Gray, glitter, silver
Depend - holographic no.2034
Essence LE Marble mania - Silver twister
Essence - I'm the boss!
Essence topper - Hello holo
Essence topper no.11
Catrice - London's weaher forecast
Catrice - Captain Sparrow's boat

Essence LE Vampire's love - The dawn is broken
Catrice - Sing: Hey, Dirty - Lilah!
Bichun no.32
Essence - Sparkling water lilly
Essence - Love's recepie
Essence - Grey't to be here
Ruby kisses - Show white

Turqois and green

Depend no.054
Deborah - pret a porter - I am your meremaid
Bichun no.61
S-he no. 314
Catrice - After eight
Catrice - No snow petrol
Catrice - Jade is not my name
Catrice LE Coolibri - Birds flying high


Maxfactor - Fantasy fire
Essence - Passion for fashion
Essence - Where is the party!
Deborah - pret a proter - Knock out violet
Essence - Stuck on you
Catrice - Heavy metallic
Catrice - Poison me, poison you!
Essence - 63 Purple cherry
S-he no.265
S-he no.260


Essence - A lovely secret
Essence - colour 3 - Boys are back in town, it's just a little crush
Essence - Break through
Essence - i'm blueutiful
Essence - Oh my glitter!
Golden rose no. 234
Made by miss Hysteria
Essence LE Re-mix - Maybe i'm amazed
Essence LE Snow white - Evil queen
Catrice - From dusk to dawn
Catrice - Steel my soul
Catrice - Dirty berry
Ruby kisses - All purpled out

Reds and pinks
Smart girls no.119 (my crown jewel)
Catrice - Marilyn and Me
Essence LE Vampires love - True love
Essence - Ultimate pink
Essence - Party princess
S-he no.235
Catrice LE Revoltaire - Misson Lillac
Catrice LE Cucuba - Salsa cubana
Catrice - Wrapped around my finger

Essence - Meet me now!
Essence LE Rebels - Mauve like a rockstar
Essence - Ballerina's charm
Catrice - Put lavender on the Agenda
Bichun no.673 (it has tiny moons in it ;) )

happy counting ....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer haul

So I'm always bothering miss Hysteria about posts like this. So this is protection from same comments here ;)

Essence - peeloff base coat
Catrice - how i matt your mother
Catrice - Caught on the red carpet
Catrice LE Cucuba - Havana drum
Catrice - ACid DC
Deborah - Sense tech no.10
Deborah - pret a porter crackling no.03
Deborah - pret a porter crackling no.01
Depend - crackling effect no. 5011
Depend - holographic no. 2025
Depend no. 315
L.A. Girl - glitter addict - Jostle (my pride and joy)
Essence - glowing in the dark topper
Essence - crack me! Pearly pink
Essence - crack me! black
Essence - I love bad boys
Essence - icy princess

How much polish is to much polish?


LoL mani: Kayle the Judicator

Angels, swords, armor that's what i am all about. So my love for Kayle is boundless. By the name and look for a while i thought she was a man (sry sometimes i have blond moments )

I got this Deborah 01 crackling golden polish, but it was not really good at covering darker base polishes. So the trick to wait a few seconds with the brush in the air before applying worked and i got it to become totally matt.

For the base polish i used Catrice 070 Caught on the red carpet and Essence 141 Icy princess.
Kayle the Judicator

If you didn't notice the boobs on the armor, here is the proof shes a hot angel ;)

Did you ever had any problems with the brighter crackle polishes?

''Lead me to battle!''


Friday, August 24, 2012

1st Challenge

So I decided to enter a lovely international/Slovenian nail polish related challenge. I'm super excited it's right up my alley since it's about inspiration (and tnx god not technique ;))
So be ready to see some non LoL related polish looks.
If you wanna join here is the link.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

LoL mani: Annie the Dark Child

Annie was my fist champion that i got to play. So she is special to me, besides being one of the most original designs in the game. As a side note I'm not a fan of colour pink but here i used Essence 108 ultimate pink, because it's the same colour as the original Barbie boxes (guess what i was playing with when Annies age). On top of it i used Essence 105 party princess. In the bottle it seems like there is some pink pigment in the polish next to the glitter. But it relay isn't very visible in this combo.

For Tibbers the bear i used Catrice 900 Steel my heart and Essence LE Sneezy. It's my first gradient. I think it went well.

Annie the Dark Child
The gradient is most visible on the 1st and last finger
Essence 105 party princess
Catrice 900 Steel my soul... the most visible is the blue shimmer inside, besides other

''Do you wanna play too? It'll be fun!''


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fixing the broken

So recently I had a streak of bad luck... I broke the zipper on my make up bag (i couln't fix it ;() and in one week i ripped apart two pairs of flip flops. Ahh and the cherry on top after checking my fall outfits i found a hole in my favorite pair of boots. All that stuff now lives in my garbage. So here are a replacements for the Broken.
It dosen't show well but they have 2 type of black fabric on them ;)

My mom felt bad couz i had such bad luck and bought these beauties for me ( <3 mom )
the best thing ever -  SPIKES
new cosmetic bag (tnx 4 the tip Cat ;))
Did you ever had a streak of bad fashion luck?


LoL mani: Wicked LeBlanc

It is offical this is my favorite skin and i put the most work in this mani ;) I love her Cruela DeVille look. Don't judge me I don't support the fur industry, but Cruella is and ICON (Lady Gaga before there was Lady Gaga).

For the base polishes i used Essence 43 Where is the party?, Catrice LE Revoltire Attracting Camuflage and Colour of honor. Then I applied a matt coat to all except the Colour of honor. It was a risk since i hoped the duochrome Essence polish won't lose the effect (and it didn't yay ;)) And the Attractin Camuflage polish is so ugly, that i only use with matt coats.

Over the colour of honor i applied Essence 67 Make it golden (all time favorite glitter). Over Attracting Camuflage I made a french tip with Catrice 680 Khaki Perry. Over the remaining fingers i made the tips with Catrice 110 Poison me, poison you! A new record i used 7 polishes for the look.

Wicked LeBlanc skin - gotta love the scared creatures at the bottom >:)

the duo chrome is still visible - even after using matt over coat

A deatil look for comparison - matt vs. super shiny glitter look
What was the most number of polishes you used for a mani?

''Classic missdirection.''


LoL mani: Prestigious LeBlanc

Omg I <3 this skin couz it's such a classic magician look. Red, black and white is an awesome combination for everything. I used Essence 102 Sparkling water Lilly for the background (2 coats), Catrice 550 Marlyn & Me for the red french tip and Shredded rubber from Pretty and Polished (home made, bought on Etsy). The blue shimmer in Essence is barley visible, but i managed to get it on the photo. Srsly the new Essence nail polishes relay don't deliver on the shimmers in the fall line :( And the micro glitter in the red is also not relay visible, but that is because the surface is relay small. So Catrice you are forgiven for the time being ;)

Prestigious LeBlanc skinn
The black gradient was hard to make because the polish is a bit old and hardened .. but i powered through it ;)

Macro & flash on! And viola the weak blue shimmer appears

''Lying is like 95% of what I do.''


LoL mani: LeBlanc the Deceiver

My second favorite character in LoL is LeBlanc. I have 3 of her skins and I have decide to make manis for all of them. I always play female character so no brainer that this one is my favorite. But all time favorite of mine is Volibear (i need a lot of preparation for that majestic mani). LeBlanc is dark, mean and just magical, uuu and super powerful ;)

For the classic skin I used Essence 134 Stuck on you and colorblocked it with a bronze Depend magnetix. But the magnet i got with the polish was too weak so I used a regular one from my fridge decor ;) For my 1st magnetix i think it went well but its a hassle to make :(

LeBlanc the Deceiver - classic skinn

Detail on the magnetix and note how pretty the dark purple is ;)
Did you found it easy to deal with magnetix nail polish? Have any tips?

''Is all smoke and mirrors ...'' (she has a hypnotic voice, it's real hot when she says it)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LoL mani: Nunu the Yeti rider

So here we go ... This week I made this glitter monstrosity inspired by Nunu. Not rly one of my favorite characters to play but i do love his demolisher skin. So the crackled effect was achieved with Depend black crackle and essence LE marble mania 03 silver twister. It kindoff looks like some grease spread over very polished steel (very robotic) ;) Two of the fingers have Catrice 630 Sing: Hey, Dirty - Lilah! and two have Catrice 280 London's Weather Forecast. Over all of there four u created a gradient silver glitter effect with Essence 03 hello holo and over it Essence 02 Julia.

P.S.: Sorry for the crappy pictures but i had 2 take them with my phone.
Nunu the Yeti rider - Demolisher skin

Used 6 polishes for this (a lot of work for a n00b like me ;) )

The detail on the cracked part (for some strange reason it goes a bit matt)
''Towerdive! We must towerdive!''


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