Friday, January 5, 2018

WitchCraft nails: Dark magic

What magic is and how people see it is up to them. I know there are heated debates about it at all time (don't ever fall down a hole of wicca websites and forums). I don't see it as white or dark - only the color of its intent. 'Light' if it is used for good and 'dark' if it is used to harm others. 
But currently I am in a dark mood and if I could do any actual magic, I think this is how my spells would look like if they would shoot a movie about my work later :) But after making this look I realised it looks like a fancy and a bit vampy New Years / Festive look ...

source: tumblr
But at the same time these nails turned out looking like a dark galaxy. And I am quite excited about that since they look very interesting and layered. The more I turn my hand around the more my nails show new dimensions <3  

To create this dark manicure I used S-he stylezone no. 317, Essence Date in the moonlight and Catrice Steel my soul as base. The stamping plate I used is BM-XL213, in the combination with the stamping polishes Color club Beyond and BPS Black. 

source: tumblr
Stay magical ...


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