Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Book of Shadows

I must admit a Book of Shadows always sounded so dark and ominous to me. But the more I dive deep into my Witchcraft research I realize that it is a big part of both light and dark magic. Also the Charmed from the 90ies show had one - so how dark can it be? 

That was my inspiration for today. 

Speaking of the TV Show Charmed - I am a couple of seasons deep - and I can tell you the love for the show is still strong. They just don't make them like they used to. I am on a big 90ies fantasy shows bender, so feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments. 

source: tumblr
I wanted to make a look with multi chrome polishes of 2 color spectrum's. At the same time I wanted to make it so it reflects my idea of the duality of the concept of Book of shadows. So I made some script that is in 2 colors and some ominous looking hexagrams :)

For this manicure I used Color club We'll never be royals and Cash only as base. The stamps are made with BPS Black stamping polish, the plates I used are MoYou London Gothic 12 and Circus 7.

Stay magical ...

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