Sunday, March 19, 2017

Witchcraft nails: Goth bitch

Goth bitch is mostly the term I hear behind my back - it used to hurt! But now I embraced it and I enjoy it! I got this cute gold Bitch nail decorations and I decided to use them white making a classic gothic nail art base. 

This is what I came up with. Layers of black lace, with red details, some glitter and a glaring Bitch sign. I love how these turned out! Suck it all the judgmental people out there :) 

My spirit animal that guided me thought the nail art making process ... Needles to say I was wrapped up in a Addams family movie marathon when creating this manicure. 
source: tumblr
For the manicure I used the black sheer jelly I created as base. The ring finger has Black cat lacquer Love will tear us apart as the main glittery base polish. The details are decals made with MoYou London Bridal 6 plate and BPS Black & Red stamping polishes. 

This is how I am greeted daily by my cat, same facial expression and all  :)

Stay magickal ...

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