Tuesday, January 10, 2017

BornPretty Store Silicone Stamping mat review

I bet you noticed that stamping is a go - to nail art technique for me. I am addicted to stamping, I admit it! And the lovely folks at BornPretty Store decided to help me when they sent me their Silicone stamping mat that is meant to help when you make decals out of stamps. This thing is a game changer! It is so handy to use and it comes in such a sexy package any stamp-o-holic needs it!

You can see the mat and the little chic tube it comes in. The mat is the aprox. size of 21cm x 15cm - a bit like a A4 format piece of paper. It is very light and easy to fold and put back into its container, a great way to transport the mat if you ever do manicures at a friends place or something.  

The mat is foggy but still sheer, it features empty and black fields where you can practice your stamps so you can see how the design will turn out. For me it is great that there are black fields since a lot of my manicures are black based. 

The material is easy to use, you can clean it up with nail polish remover or any other strong cleaning supply. But the important part is that the nail polish that you use peels off very easily so you can make the decals without the fear of tearing. You just have to wait for it to dry completely after making the stamp and painting in the parts you need. 

For this manicure I used Zoya Finley as base. The decals are made with Seche Vite top coat as the sheer base. The stamps are made with BM-S303 stamping plate, Star gazer no. 323 silver polish and I also used Color club Harp on it to paint in the spots of the crystals I desired. 

So I hope you liked this mani. And now you can see that the Bornpretty store stamping mat is also good for reverse stampings and any decals related art. And if you are planing on buying something from them don't forget to use my 10% OFF coupon RJL91 :)


*the item was sent to me for my honest review*

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  1. The design is awesome and that nail mat looks like its super useful too.


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