Friday, December 2, 2016

NOTD: Iluminati

All over the World and Social media you can only find only 2 themes now - Holiday cheer or Crazy political conspiracy themes that make people go mad. Since I already did and will make a lot more of Christmas manicures, I decided to make a weird one just to remind you all of the crazy world out there that is hidden under the layer of snow and X-mas trees ;)

I am just kidding - I just discovered I have a bunch of eye shaped stamping plates and I just finished re-reading Dan Browns book Angels & Demons - so why not make Iluminati art? There is still plenty of time to make more Holiday nails - and trust me I am overflowing with ideas :) 

For this manicure I used Golden Rose 101 nude base polish. The stamps are all decals made with Essence stamp me! black. I painted them in with Essence Wild white ways and Trend it up 210. The stamping plates I used are BP-39, BM-S307, BM-S303 and Cici & Sisi Geometry 01. At the end I added a big turquoise marble stud to give it some dimension. 

If you are bored with all the Festive beauty posts, visit Glam - express which is a place full of beauty posts that are not all about X-Mas. 


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