Sunday, September 4, 2016

TUTORIAL: Shimmery dotticure

I created an entire review of the most recent Essence Turn it nail polish collection that features only shimmer top coats. You can read about it and check out the swatches HERE. Shimmer top coats are perfect when you want to add a new dimension to your fave jelly nail polish. But if you add them over a black nail polish a whole new kind of magic happens and I decided to use it here. 

For this manicure you need a bunch of shimmer top coats, and every nail polish hoarder has them trust me ;) I used Essence (from L to R) Crush on you, To the moon and back, Are you my sunshine and My piece of paradise. The base nail polish is Tedi Black. You will need your trusty dotting tool and a matt top coat, because it brings our the magic dimensions inside the shimmers. I used Catrice Silk matt top coat.

Step 1: Apply the black nail polish, it does not matter if it has a matt or shiny finish.
Step 2: Make bigger dots near the cuticle and a couple of smaller ones near the tip of the nail. It is best to start with the darkest nail polish. I made about 2 - 3 big ones and 2 - 3 small dots, and I did about the same number of them with the other shades as well. This is where a dotting tool with 2 different sized ends.
Step 3: Do the same with a different shimmer, don't go to crazy so there will be more room for other colors.
Step 4: Add dots in the 3rd shade. Try to keep the dot count the same for each shade you use and don't be afraid to maybe make them overlap a bit.
Step 5: Make the last set of dots. Don't freak out if the manicure is a bit bumpy.
Step 6: Apply the matte top coat to make the look pop. If you think that the matt top coat won't smooth out the manicure use a layer of normal top coat before.

There you have it! A magical and a bit gothic manicure full of Autumn colors. The matt top coat is such a great chic addition to any manicure. And always try it over a nail polish that has a shimmer inside, since matt top coats can take them to the next level. 

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  1. Oh my goodness that is so pretty! I should try that with the Julep ones...


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