Tuesday, September 13, 2016

CICI & SISI Geometry 01 stamping plate review (31DC2016: Day 12 - Stripes)

Time for more CICI & SISI acrylic plates reviews! I was so happy to see the release of their Geometry collection! It has everything I am in love with - tribal, esoteric, mystic and structured patterns. I have been wearing this plate for weeks now! I just can't get enough of it! <3 

Here you can see the Geometry 01 acrylic stamping plate. One of the amazing aspect of their acrylic plates is that thou they all come in white the patterns come in different colors depending on the collection. The ocean plates I reviewed the other day had blue backgrounds - geometry has grey - and on their page you can see even more colors. 

The plate is 95 x 95 x 2 cm in size and a bit thicker then we are used from the metallic plates. The full sized pictures come in 1,5 x 2 cm. That is big enough to cover most nail beds, but even if not the beauty of these patterns is that you can apply them in may different ways on the nail. In the middle of the plate you can see the arrows that come in 1,5 x 0,3 cm sizes. And those are the patterns that caught my eyes! I used them all for this manicure and applied them all over my nails *swoon* I must say I feel like when I use acrylic plates the designs come out more crisp and there are virtually none of those empty spaces where the stamper does not pick up the design.

For the manicure I used OPI A mirror escape as base. The white stripes are made with BM-411 plate and Essence stamp me!white. The black arrow details are made with CICI & SISI Geometry 01 plate and BPS black stamping polish.

I highly recommend you visit them since their inventory features a lot of unique plates with patterns like no one else offers! All acrylic plates cost only 5.99$ and you can even get your own costume made stamping plate! How cool is that? 

Visit all the other CICI & SISI web pages to find out more about this brand and get inspired by the nail art featuring their products:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

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