Tuesday, September 20, 2016

31DC2016: Day 20 - Water marble

NO NO NO! Why there must be a water marble prompt in every nail art challenge? This time I am ready since I got my very own BM-XL210 Water marble stamping plate from Bundle monster. So this is what I came up with and I like it - but not too much since I am not a fan of water marble in general. 

I like how a little flash of holo comes through from time to time under the pattern :)

For this manicure I used Essence Grab this hype, Kiko 296 and Julep Lexie as a mixed base. Then I created a layer of marble stamps with Color club Harp on it. Over it all I stamped with Ya qin an Grey stamping polish. For both layers I used BM-XL210 plate.

This is what inspired my color pallet <3 
source: tumblr

This is what may be a future project when I will be faced with another challenge - I just love this color scheme <3
source: tumblr

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