Friday, August 19, 2016

TUTORIAL: Negative space neon nails

Last neons of the Summer season so lets make it count!!! I know neons are go-to colors for a lot of ladies since they boost your tan - don't forget that white nail polish does the same. So I made a mix of them all so you can show your tan long into the Fall. I hope you will like this. 

I know it seems like a lot, but this is what you will need for this manicure, trust me it is still a very easy manicure to create. You need a plastic sleeve for office paper. A make up sponge and some extra neon studs. The star of the show are nail vinyls that are a big hit all over the nail art community. The nail polish you need is OPI Alpine snow as the white base. And Kleancolor Neon purple, Kiko 340 and Models own Shades to create all the gradients.

To create these nails the star of the show is this vinyl sticker and its sidekicks the make up sponge and plastic paper sleeve. You add the vinyl on the plastic sleeve and then either apply the negative space nail polish over it - in this case the white one. Or make a grid of the colorful neons and apply them on the vinyl. 

Also don't forger to also apply the mix of the neons on one nail to create an accent nail. After you are done with that remove the vinyl and wait for it to dry a bit. They all dry very fast since all the sponged gradients dry very fast. Then apply some clear top coat over the little triangles. You have to let everything dry - it can take over an hour. When you remove the triangles they will be on a sheet of sheer nail polish, cut them apart and apply them on the nail. 

As you can see after it all dried I cut the triangles apart in rows and add them on the nail. To apply them just add top coat on the base nail polish and it will dry on top. For the accent nail I cut out each of the white triangles and set them on my accent nail. The same way as the others - I used a top coat as glue. Then I added some of the neon studs since I felt these little nails need a bit more color.

There you have it! Last neons of the season - or not - I don't know I must admit I love the WOW factor neons offer so maybe I will make more manicures featuring a bit of a pop of color.

Feel free to visit that place which inspires all my nail art tutorials Glam-express. It is a great source for all things beauty and fashion.


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  1. Looks great. Such a neat idea to create these negative space neon nails too.


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