Sunday, January 3, 2016

TUTORIAL: Glitter icicle nail art

It is winter time and my favorite part of it are icicles that always seem so romantic to me. I saw a lot of manicures that feature them but I wanted to create something special for this tutorial. I came up with the idea that if I used shredded glitter to make the icicles.
I think that these nails came out great and are a unique take on the current nail trends :)

The most important polish you need for this manicure is a polish that has a clear base and is filled with glitter shards. I used an old indie Frozen by Black cat lacquer. But a lot of store brands carry polishes like this (Color club, China glaze, Essence ...) especially in this time of the year since a lot of winter and festive collections feature glitters. The base polish I used is China glaze For Audrey. Don't forget a dotting tool and I added a snowflake fimo slice to make an accent nail.

Step 1: Apply base polish.
Step 2: Choose the points where icicles will end and apply a single glitter from the polish. That is the area where you will work around. It is fine if you make the icicles a bit shorter you can always make them longer later, it is not as easy the other way around.
Step 3: Make straight lines from the focal glitter up. Try to make them as dense as possible, the glitters should overlay. They should be different lenghts or they won't appear as icicles. 
Step 4: Connect the lines with more glitter at the base of the nail.
Step 5: Apply even more glitter so they look opaque. I made the icicles even longer since they seem a bit short.
Step 6: Apply the fimo slice with the snowflake. Don't forget a generous coat of clear polish so the nails don't look so textured. 

These are the finished nails. I adore how they turned out and it is just such a fun way to use a type of glitter that a lot of people don't like to use since they can be problematic to work with if you use them as normal hex glitters. 

This tutorial was made for the blogger group Glam express. 



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