Tuesday, October 6, 2015

TUTORIAL: Black 3D nail art

Halloween time is coming closer and closer. A lot of ladies want to get in the spirit but I know that skulls, ghosts and blood are not for everyone. Therefore I decided to make a very classy and sexy nail art tutorial that still looks amazing for this spooky season :) 

What you need for this mani is a good black polish - I used Wet n Wild Darkest hour. A matte top coat - I used China glaze Matte magic. Some top coat or a gel polish to secure in the rhinestones. A glitter that is in contrast to black, I chose a mix of white and flakies glitter that look amazing on black base polish called OPI Lights of emerald city. And small round rhinestones that you don't mind destroying since they will be covered in polish. Also some very shiny black rhinestones that will crown the entire design. I got them all at Bornpretty store and Lady queen mall. 

Step 1: Apply base coat and some matte coat.
Step 2: Apply the 1st line of round rhinestones or studs. Make sure that they are on the edge of the nail so there will be a big enough gap between both lines. Secure them with some gel polish.
Step 3: Create the 2nd line of rhinestones. Try to make the lines as long as the 1st one so they look as symmetrical as possible.
Step 4: Apply another coat of black polish. Make sure you apply enough so that the color of the studs is not visible. Be careful that all the gaps are colored in and filled with polish. Then apply another coat of matte top coat.
Step 5: Apply the chosen glitters only in the middle of the two 3D lines. Then apply matte top coat over them when they dry because glitters are always in a non matte base the middle part will be too shiny and it won't match the manicure. Also some flakies look more prominent after being coated in some matte polish. At the end apply a small but very shiny black rhinestone at the nail bed if you feel like that nail art needs a bit more embellishment. 

Here is the finished result and you can see it is very simple to make. But it takes some time to make it since all the layers need to dry and the stud placement technique needs a steady hand. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and be sure to visit Glam express for more Halloween tutorials - also get ready for more nail art featuring spooky things in the upcoming weeks :)



  1. These nails are so edgy. The tutorial was so helpful too.

  2. Oh goodness I could barely look at those. It hurts my eyes and makes my skin crawl. lol Great job!


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