Thursday, October 8, 2015

40 great nail art ideas challenge: Hobbies/ League of Legends: Ekko the boy who shattered time

I just finished my last 52 weeks challenge and our glorious leader Miss Crumpet created another one. I must admit I like these very long challenges that give me structure in my blogging life.

These time things are a bit different - one week there is a theme and the other it is a combination of a nail art technique and a color.

This week it is the theme Hobbies - for me it is gaming and in particular playing League of Legends. My recent favorite is Ekko a champion that can control time. To a point that you can reverse the game you played so far. He is just amazing - when the trailer came out *i posted it below* I was so excited and THE HYPE WAS REAL!

The boy instantly became one of my all time favorite champions to play <3

Here you can see my inspiration - don't you just love his hair? <3 

For these nails I wanted to make a nail of his super cool hairdo - I mean a black boy with white hair #instantcrush I also added a bunch of cogs that he uses in his attacks and a big clock with lots of blue flacks underneath. I think I caught the essence of him :)

Here you can see how he looks like in game :)

For this mani I used Wet n Wild Darkest hour as base and Finger paints Psychedelic hue over it. The accent nail has Chick Dark & handsome, Essence Deep sea baby and Deborah Afterhours as base. The stamping polishes are Kiko Sky blue and Essence stamp me! white. The plates I used are BM609, MoYou London Punk 5, Gothic 7 and Sci fi 6

If you have the time check out this mini clip of his! The graphics are amazing and it gets you all hyped up for time travel (how is that not a thing by now?) :)

My favorite Ekko in game quotes:
''Its not how much time you have, it is how you use it.''
''Time doesn't heal all wounds''
''The timeline was already this broken when I got here. I swear.''

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