Friday, October 9, 2015

40 Great nail art ideas challenge: Teal + Stripe mani

OK so this is the 2nd part of the challenge. We all get assigned a color, then we all also got assigned a nail art technique - and my 1st one was tape mani. 
Right now I am fighting a nasty cold and I just couldn't set my heart to all the work that goes into such a mani. So I cheated like a boss and made a bunch of stamping decals that look like they were made with tape ;)

And I love how they turned out <3

For this mani I used Mundo de Unas Teal to make the decals. Then I painted them in with China glaze For Audrey, Essence Off to Miami! and I am bluetiful. The base is Sinful colors Wisp. Over it all I added a coat of Catrice I'm dynamite. The plates I used are BM604 and MoYou London Holy shapes 3

Do you ever cheat on a challenge?


  1. Did I ever cheat on a challenge? Of course, I did. We should survive, after all. =)

    This mani is great. =)

  2. Wow, your nails look like little pencils, don't they split or get torn of more quickly? Liked the design on the middle finger.


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