Thursday, October 8, 2015

1st Slovenian beauty bloggers meet up

A week ago I was honored enough to be invited to the 1st ever Beauty blogger conference. And it was a mind blowing experience. The grand Mistress of it all was the amazing Nika from beautyfullblog. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR IT ALL! <3

It was a whole day affair where we had a lot of lectures on how to make our blogs better and how to take better pictures. We were spoiled with delicious and healthy snacks and drinks. 
Also a lot of the sponsors came and had adorable little booths were we could talk to them and win prices. Everyone was so nice I got so much new energy to to this blogging thing. 

So get ready for a big picture spam where you can see all the pretty things that caught my eye that day :) 

Le Couvent Des Minimes booth filled with amazing fragrances crated with French influence and traditional way of making cosmetics 

L'occitane presented their luxurious products that all nail art bloggers love <3 I complimented them a couple of times because personally I found their booths the prettiest :)

Oriflame had a beatuyfuly booth coated in honey based products and fall colored make up. 

Avon was ready for us to make us feel like movie stars 

Curaprox came to entertain us with the cutely named toothbrush products :) 

Lassana a great provider of hair products and services came out at the end of the night and spoiled us with free hair stylings and nail products :) 

I was so happy to see Alessandro an amazing nail art brand. They were very nice to me and gave ma a lot of goodies - I fell in love with their little cans of wine with a clever nail disguise.

I was thrilled to meet Youngblood cosmetics - a new brand to me and I can't wait to try out some of their products. 

Afrodita kosmetika was the general sponsor of the event and they were nice enough to create a very informative lecture on the theme of skin care. They also explained how they create their products and how they make them and why. I haven't learned so much chemistry and biology since high school :) 

At the end we had a round table discussion on blogger life in Slovenija. Each of the power house ladies from Slovenija told a bit of their stories and experiences no their blogging road so far. The beauty suppliers from Smile concept storeAvon and Afrodita told their stories on working with bloggers. Nika from beautyfullblog told about her work so far and so did Ajda from ajdas. Also Gejba from parokeets explained a lot about blog analytics and work with beauty suppliers. 

At the end of the day we had the 1st ever Beauty blogger Awards ceremony where we cast our votes a couple of months ago. And I was delighted to see all the winners and their happy reactions that promise a lot more work for us all and better cooperation. 

And here you can see all the swag we got! I was so overwhelmed that my BF had to pick me up since there was no way I could carry it all home. So in case I didn't mention them before here are some other lovely companies that decided to send us love and you should check them all out and show them some love as well ;)
The other sponsors were: click2chicGolden roseEssence and CatriceLičila.siLancomeEucerinDvorec trebnikNiveaLaroche posay. Also a great big thank you to Nula and Restart to supply all the drinks. And Hotel Union for the lovely venue and food :)

For all my Slovenian readers and other curious ones please feel free to visit the other lovely ladies that were a part of this great event (I borrowed the links from CherryColors *thats payback for that Afrodita picture of us you posted on IG*) . For more great snaps of the event use #BBMULJ on instagram

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