Sunday, September 6, 2015

TUTORIAL: Watermelon nails

Watermelon is one of my all time favorite summer seasonal fruit. But the Summer season is almost over and the Fall is time to wear more dark colors. So I prepared a Summer themed nail art with a bit more vampy dark Fall color as the main actor. 

For the green base I used Maybelline Polka dots 200. The pink base is made with Catrice Call me princess and Oyster & Champagne. The green details are made with p2 Caiprihana. Don't forget some rhinestones if you don't like making small details, I got mine from BPS and LQS. You will also need  a thin detail brush and some strong top coat or clear gel polish so you can cure the rhinestones and not lose them the 1st minute you are done with the mani :)

Step 1: Create a fun base. I used Maybelline Polka dots 200 for the green base and a combination of Catrice Call me princess and Oysters & champagne. The more effects there are in a polish the more will the rest of the art shine thorough if the details are very simple.
Step 2: Use the thin brush and the bright green, I used p2 Caiprihana. Line the pink nail, make a small round flame around the base of the nail. Then create wavy lines on the rest of the nail. I did it from the base of the nail towards the tip, and if the brush is long and thin the waves will be created very fast with minimum hand movement.
Step 3: Create more wavy lines on the left and right of the central line. Make sure they meet on the tip of the nail.
Step 4: Apply the rhinestones on the tip of the green nails. And 3 black rhinestones to make it seem like the watermelon has some seeds. They can be any shape you like - be creative :) Don't forget a generous layer of top coat so the seeds don't fall off and the art doesn't look like too 3D.

So here you have it - a Summer manicure made with Autumn colors. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial :)

This tutorial was created for the lovely group Glam Express that is a great source of all types of NOTDs and MOTDs :)



  1. These watermelon nails are super cute and fun!

  2. This look is so fun and cute! My mouth is watering, lol.

  3. Oh man, that's so cool! I love the glitters under the watermelon squiggles. :D


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