Thursday, September 24, 2015

NOTD: Fall colors nail art

I wanted to do some Autumn inspired nail art that will open the season. When I think of Fall I think of dark reds, yellows and oranges. Also each Fall metallics come back in style so I decided to make one half of my hand metallic and one made with jellies :)

I wanted to create a pattern that encompasses everything from layers of foliage, or warm sweaters or a fuzzy blanket you use to keep yourself warm while sipping some tea when its raining outside. And I think I managed to do it. I colored in the shapes in 3 colors and each one has a brighter center and a line of the color that is coming next. That makes the pattern so vibrant and happy. 

Also when I was done coloring in the decals I applied some upside down so the most classic colors like the reds and oranges are always in the middle :)

For this mani I used the Essence stamp me!black and BM604 stamping plate. The jellys I used on 2 nails are Catrice Soleil A Solitude, Rockby, Team lucky mustards, Love,peach & harmony, Essence Do you speak love?, p2 Tequila sunrise.
The metallics I used on the other 2 nails are Catrice Color of honor, Flapper style, Orango bloom, Essence Gorgeous bling bling, S-he stylezone no. 215, p2 Fever.  

This manicure was made for Glam-express a great place full of inspiration for make up looks for every season :) 



  1. Wow, that mani is gorgeous! I love the choice and placement of all the different polishes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful mani!

  2. Oh man oh man oh man I absolutely love this!! I want my living room to look exactly like that! ^_^


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