Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#31DC2015: A song / LoL mani: Arcade Sona

It took some time, but now the sequence of Arcade themed League of legends inspired nails will continue. My favorite of them all is Sona. As a in game champion she is quiet and only you as a player can hear her. She is one of my all time favorite champions since she is a healer and has a bunch of cool auras that help the team <3

Also her abilities are tied to her playing instrument, in this case a huge joystick that is also a keyboard and a piano :) Check out the art and clip below and I think you will see the inspiration behind the nails :)

Here is a picture of her - I just love the fun sexy gamer girl design #lifegoals

How adorable are all the champions in the clip? Now you can see the other Arcade skins I will try to make during this challenge - Hecarim and Sona are already down :)

I love her gradient hair and the fact a small GAME OVER sign appears over her when she dies. Also I find all the stars, pixels and musical notes so kawaii in game and on her loading screen art. The blue, green and purple gradient are the colors of auras she creates :)

For this mani I used so many things I will make a nail by nail description:
Index: OPI Eurso euro as base, Mundo de Unas and Color club Harp on it for stamping polishes, the plates I used are BM20 and pueen48.
Middle: Gradient polishes are p2 Watch me walking, Catrice Cara ciao, I am not a greenager. The plate I used is BM411 and Color club harp on it
Ring: Gradient polishes are Barry M Bluebarry, p2 Watch me walking, S-he stylezone no.20. The stamp is made with Essence stamp me!black and MoYou London Gamer 7 plate.
Pinkie: The base is OPI Eurso euro. The decal is made with BP-11 stamping plate. I colored it in with Color club Gingerbread man, Catrice Viva brasil, Team lucky mustards and S-he stylezone no.20.

source: tumblr
My favorite Sona quote from in game *imagine it said in a sexy melodic voice*:
''Only you can hear me, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we play today?''



  1. I don't know the reference, but I'm always on board for nerdy-inspired nails :D and I officially NEED the plate with the Game Over on it.


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