Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#31DC2015: A movie / LoL mani: Final Boss Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil

I know the mani I supposed to be inspired by a movie - but I saw this amazing fan made short clip of a fun League of Legends battle! And it features a bunch of Arcade themed skins! I feel in love with it! I posted it below get ready for some amazing, epic and colorful battles!

The star and main bad guy in the clip is Final Boss Veigar *I posted a picture of him below* He is the cutest little evil guy ever. And his abilities are coated on old school geeky patterns so I just had to make a mani that was inspired by him. I only wish that I was better at free hand drawing so I could make his kawaii little face :)

Here is his picture that shows up on the loading screen - is he not adorable? :)

This is the clip that inspired it all! I love it - it is so fast paced and intense <3 

I only wish his voice was in the clip. In game he has the most squeaky voice and says the most evil and mean things *adorbs*

This is a collection of pictures of the little guy from inside the game so you understand the connection with the nail art a bit better :)

For this mani I used a bunch of nail art supplies so I will do a nail by nail description:
Index - The base is a gradient made with Essence A piece of forever, Barry M Blackberry and Key lime. The stamp is made with Essence stamp me! black and BM416.
Middle - The base is Catrice Plum fiction. The glitters over it are Wynie S011. And the stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and pueen48 plate.
Ring - I hand draw a small Veigar face using Essence stamp me!black, Barry M Blackberry, Essence A piece of forever and Key lime.
Pinkie - Essence stamp me!black as base and some square studs over it.

My favorite Veigar quotes from the game *Imagine it said in a annoying squeaky voice* :
''I am evil! ... Stop laughing!''



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