Saturday, August 1, 2015

Steven Universe nails

I gave up on Cartoon network a while back - when they cancelled the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. And I don't care about Adventure time that is the favorite of so many people right now. But the creator of it made Steven Universe that is just adorable <3

The story goes that the magic gems in human form protect humanity from other such monsters. They are all very cool and have fun super powers. But they have to baby sit Steven since he is a half gem and coming to therm with his new found powers. And the kid is just so silly - I love the dynamics of the group and the visual backgrounds are stunning <3

Here is the opening of the show and I think you can see a bit of connection with the nails :)

Since this mani is so busy I will describe each nail :
Steven (pinkie): Base Cookies & cream, Mermaids kiss and Catrice Blue cara ciao, I added the star from his shirt and a gem he carries in his belly button.
Amethyst (ring): Gradient made with Color club Beyond, Jade Fascino voileta and Catrice Plum me up scotty. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! white and BP-L013
Garnet (middle): The base is Wet n wild Darkest hour. The star decal is made with LA Girl Love letters, Catrice Madam Butterfly and S-he stylezone no. 20. The plate is MoYou London Time traveller 2.
Pearl (index): The gradient is made with Essence Grab this hype, Smart girls no. 159 and Sinful colors Wisp. The sword stamp is made with YH810 and Star gazer no. 232

Here you can see a part of the background <3

Do you know this cartoon? :)


  1. hehehe That cartoon is cute. We catch it from time to time. ^_^ I absolutely love that star stamp. Still need to add that plate to my collection.


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