Thursday, July 2, 2015

TUTORIAL: Boys & girls nail art

I wanted to create a mani that is full of contradictions. So I decided to make a pink super girly part made with stamps. And a ripped shirt boyish part made with water decals. This is a very easy nail art that anyone can do it especially if you are like me and have a lot of water decals laying around that you never use :)

For this mani you need a girly base polish and I choose this no name Vollare. Also a stamping polish and a girly pattern. I choose the roses and lace pattern from MoYou Londom Gothic 5 plate and Essence stamp me! white polish. For the water decals I used the blue plaid ones but since they are way to big for me I cut them with the uneven scissors to make it seem like a ripped shirt.

Step 1: Apply the base polish and some top coat so in case if the stamp is not applied well you can try again.
Step 2: Apply the stamp. If it does not fit the entire nail don't worry since that part will be covered with the water decal. Once more apply some top coat.
Step 3: Apply the water decal. Before I applied it I cut it so it would fit the base of my nail. Also I cut the top edge with the uneven edge scissors. Once more apply some top coat when the water decals are dried so the mani will fall together and it won't look too separate. 

Here are the finishes nails! Don't they remind you of a clash between a girls and a boys wardrobe? :)

This tutorial was made for Glam-express that is a very fun place to check out beauty bloggers from all over :)



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