Friday, July 3, 2015

Pick N Mix challenge: Skittles

It has been years *where has the time gone?!* since I played World of WARCRAFT. I loved the game for years but then it got to mean, competitive and downright depressing. There was so much mean folks there and so much grinding required in the game it turned out to much for me considering I had to pay to play it... Thou I am not regretting a moment of it since I meet so many cool folks online that are my real life buddies now <3

But when I was still paying I was a hardcore horde fan! FOR THE HORDE! DEATH TO THE ALLIANCE! It is still something I might mumble in my sleep :) The main champion I played was a Tauren druid and I was a happy cow that kicked butt and healed others. I just never could get on the Alliance band wagon since they seemed so generic to me. 

I posed a fun little clip down below so you can see how the game looks like - whats wrong with it and why it is still so popular even after all this time - all presented in a uber funny way :)

Here is the official crest of the Horde so you can understand the choice of my designs a bit better. I used the purple *that is not shown here* that represents the trolls, the chains and some blood splatter that was the main decorating tool in the Horde universe :)

The base of the mani is Essence stamp me! black and Zoya Carter on the accent finger. On one I added a coat of Essence Night in Vegas. The stamping polishes I used are Mundo de Unas Red, Star gazer no. 232 and Kiko Lavender. The stamping plates I used are BM-416, WB-01 and MoYou London Biker 2.

I am so happy since I scored this horde ring on Bornpretty store :)

Here you can see and laugh at the silliness that WOW can be :)




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