Monday, June 1, 2015

TUTORIAL: Stamps over studs nail art/ TNCC: Spring flowers

The other day I fell in love with stamping over studs and I decided to make a quick tutorial. I got this LE Catrice from the Caviar Gauche collection and the bottle was so pretty it inspired me to make some flower nail art. I hope you will enjoy the tutorial below :)

Here you can see the finished nail art - how cool are the textures? :)

For this mani I used Catrice Love me tender for the base - also for the flower inspiration. I used Models own Turquoise gloss for the bottom stamps and Mundo de Unas Teal for the top stamps. The stamps are all made with BP-28 and the triangle studs are from Bornpretty store. Don't forget a good top coat or a gel polish top coat. 

This is a simple mani so the tutorial will be quick - don't blink :)
Step 1: Apply the base polish, I used Catrice Love me tender - 2 coats.
Step 2: Apply the lighter polish for the base stamps that gives the mani extra dimension. I used Models own Turquoise gloss and BP-28 stamping plate. Then apply small blobs of top coat or gel top coat on the spot where you want the studs to be. If you use gel, cure it after you apply the stud. If any of the top coat starts peeking from under the stud - like in my case, or if there are any other imperfections - don't worry the next stamp will cover it all. Also don't bother with the clean up at this point.
Step 3: Apply your 2nd stamp. I used Mundo de Unas Teal and BP-28 stamping plate. Now it is time to do the clean up. Also don't forget about a generous coat of top coat or gel top coat so the studs will stay in their place. 

Here is the finished result and I love it! I hope you guys liked the simple and quick tutorial, that is a bit like the pretty in punk nails I posted a bit back. 

This post was mad possible by the amazing Glam-express so don't forget to stop by and see more amazing bloggers at work :)



  1. So pretty, great instructions too :)

  2. The green stamping looks great with those gold triangle studs.

  3. This is very pretty! Great job. :)

  4. Oh wow that's such a cool idea!

  5. I really like this very pretty!


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