Friday, May 8, 2015

BPS Review BP-L010 stamping plate part 2

Here is my part 2 of my BP-L010 stamping plate review. I got the plates from Bornpretty store that have amazing quality and very unique designs. The plate has amazing tribal patterns and one of the most unique ones is a sun design. I stamped it over some radiant gradient so it looks like an Aztec rug or an native American tent pattern :)

The etchings are perfect and deep enough to do easy nail art. You can see the pattern I choose in the bottom right corner.

For the gradient base I used Catrice Thrilling me softly and Beauty World Tiger lily. Over it I added LA Girl Uninhibited black glitters. The stamps are made with the BP-L010 stamping plate and Sinful colors Bananappeal, then I created some decals with Mundo de Unas Yellow to put it on top of the nail.

As always the plates are perfect and easy to work with. So head on over to their nail art tools site and find yourself your own tribal inspired stamping plate or anything else. And don't forget to use my 10% OFF CODE RJL91 :)



  1. I really want this stamping plate. I like all the tribal print on it.

  2. So cool!! I'm always amazed by your stamping combinations. ^_^


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