Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pick n Mix Challenge: Kids TV - Naturo nails

One of my all time favorite animes / manga came to an end recently. And I decided to honor it with some cool nails. It's Naruto Shippuden inspired mani! I love this show there is laughter, crying *mostly me* and action in a perfect combination topped with ninjas. It's so cool I even don't mind that the main character Naruto is dressed in all orange - or is covered in orange fire (and you know I don't like that color) :)

I did my nails so it represents the same flame that burns in Naruto, some frogs since they are a source of his power. The Konoha leaf on a metal plate and some netting that a lot of ninjas wear in the show and I personally find the coolest accessory ever :)

Here is some intense Naturo action <3

The stamping plates I used for this mani are HWH-05 and YH810. The stamping polishes are Mundo de Unas and Essence stamp me! black. The polishes I used are Essence Dare it nude, Catrice Bring me peach, Orango Bloom and OPI Push and shove

This is my all time favorite opening of the show - Blue bird - thou I don't speak Japanese I know this song by heart <3

I am sad to see that the show came to an end. I am excited to see the last movie thou :) Any other Naturo fans out there? :)


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