Monday, March 16, 2015

MUOD: St. Patrick's day neon green

Today just a quick post about my St. Patrick's day make up. I am always on the hunt for some cheap and crazy colored make up supplies. And I found this neon green one at Bornpretty store for quite cheap. 
It's a liquid eyeliner with a fine pointed brush. The formula is quite watery and a bit more sheer then I am used to but still very easy to work with. Took a couple thick applications but I didn't had much problems. And the best part is it doesn't stain the skin and comes off real easy. 
I paired it with come Catrice Liquid eyeliner named Dating Joe Black and a simple lipstick by Essence called Get the look :)

I like how it turned out. And here is a picture of the finished look with my face I will be making when people offer me beer. I like St. Patrick's day for the whiskey ;)

A close up picture of the Essence Get the look lipstick :)

In case you are looking for some cool neon eyeliners visit Bornpretty store and if you are there use the 10% OFF code RJL91 :)



  1. Uau, je to ena divja zelena <3 Priznam, da jaz si nikoli ne bi upala nosit takšne barve =) Šminka pa je prečudovita!

    xoxo, Nyx
    ( )


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