Wednesday, February 4, 2015

LoL mani: Heartseeker Varus

OMG This is gonna be the best V-day ever! Not only do I have a new BF who is BTW *perfect* but my fave game made the most amazing skin for one of my fave champions - Varus! And to top it all off my BF promised to get it for me in-game! How lucky am I? :) 

Since I saw the promo for this skin I am just skipping around and screaming my head off until this Varus skin will be available <3 
So I did a mani with a lot of gold, hears, reds, pinks, arrows, glitters, roses and angel wings. Well the roses I guess don't make much sense but if you check out the clip below you will see him shooting arrows with roses at the end. How cool is that? <3 

How is he not the coolest / sexiest Cupid ever? <3

For this mani I used a bunch of stuff - so hold on. The base polishes are Catrice Marilyn & Me, Essence Purple sugar, Hello Rosy, Stamp me! white and black, LA Girl Love letters. The other ones are Barry M Gold foil, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 15 and Dashica Red. The stamping plates are CA-34, MM31, BP-11 and MoYou London Biker 2.   

Here is the clip of him in the game - so cute and cuddly <3


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