Sunday, November 16, 2014

TNCC: Joe Abercrombie - Best served cold

There are books and there are AMAZING BOOKS! The fool by Christopher Moore is one of them. BTW I did some nails inspired by that book also HERE. And Joe Abercrombies 1st law and all the other books are another. 

I wanted to make a mani for my all time favorite of his books - Best served cold. I love the characters, the usual blood and gore, the witty dialogue and most of all Caul Shivers! He is one my all time favorite characters, so much so I took a part of his name and use it as my own on my other social media. :)
I can't recommend Joe Abercrombie books enough - something if you need a break from the main stream that is Game of thrones :)

For the mani I wanted to recreate the cover art and add all the most important parts of the story. As you can see on the bottom picture the cover art features a map, blood, swords and coins. Next to that I added some ruby jewels since a ruby ring was a great big reminder of the sorrow and the driving force of the entire vengeance for which the book is named after. And my favorite part is the silver eye stamp on the pinkie since that is something Caul Shivers is wearing after loosing his eye.

It was instant love when I applied Essence Dare to kiss a perfect combination of dusky rose and nude colors all in a satin finish. The map stamp is made with MM37 and Essence stamp me! black. The blood stamps are made with MoYou London scholar 2 and Dashica Red. The rubies are made with Kleancolor Metallic red and KD25. The eye is done with Star gazer 232 and HD03. And the sword stamps are made with HWH-05. At the end I added some golden rhinestones to double as coins :) 

Here is the cover art of the book so you can see my inspiration :)



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