Friday, November 14, 2014

TNCC: Books - Dantes inferno

I was slacking a bit when it comes to The Nail challenge collaborative nail arts - but the November theme is Books! OMG Can you believe it! How perfect is that for me who is a complete book worm!? So I will just create some awesome manis this month inspired by books I truly love :) 

And the 1st in the series is Dantes inferno! OMG I read this book in 3 languages, I even read the Dan Brown novel with this theme and I love them all! How can you be such a genius that you create a world for the entire humanity to be afraid of and define how the world sees Hell? Thou it's a tough read I still love it! 

I created a mani with classic Dante 1 - 8 circles of hell - hot and full of demons :) And the accent finger is cold made with dark colors and a lot of blues because its supposed to represent the center of hell that is frozen over wit the devil inside - hence the very subtle devils tail and pentagram :) 

Here I used  LA Girl Sparkle ruby as base. The stamps are done with Mundo de Unas polishes and Moyou London Rockstar 1 plate, the devils are done with HD02. On the accent finger the base is Catrice Black to the roots. The flakies I used are Finger paints Psychedelic hue and Alessandro Punk rock. The stamps are made with KiKO Sky blue and China glaze Scandalous shenanigans and hehe017 and BM305 stamping plates.

Here is a sexy picture of my copy of Dantes inferno :)

In case you are wondering if Dantes inferno is completely outdated - have no fear there is this amazing game and later on a animated movie made awesome :)

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  1. This look great! Love the fiery nails with the killer bunnies.


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