Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Essence LE Good girl bad girl

As always I am so exited to get my hands on some Essence Limited edition items. And this time I took a bunch since the theme was Good girl Bad girl. This amazing black polish that is the focal point of my nail art, some perfumes because I am a sucker for these small bottles because they fit into any bag. And I got the purple lipstick because I am in love with crazy colored lips :)

Since the polish I used as base is a bad girl I made a good girl pattern stamp over it. And I love how classy these turned out :)

A picture of my LE haul *tnx miss Hysteria for the help*

Here is what I used for this mani - all Essence products (minus the stamping plate that is MoYou Fashionista 8). The base is Essence LE Caught in the middle, the stamps are done with Stamp me! white. The little silver dots are Nail art stickers let's rock and the top coat is Essence gel 2 in 1 top coat.

This is a swatch of Caught in the middle. It's a quite sheer black jelly with shards in it, that makes it a bit textured and gives it some depth. This are 2 coats over a black base. 

And over it I added some classy stamps and silver studs. I topped it all with Essence gel polish and now they are indestructible and I am not worried at all that the little silver studs will fall off. 

I added a little fun picture of the perfume bottles, because I just love the pretty bad and good butterfly design <3 Good job Essence!



  1. The stamping here makes the nails here look so regal.


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