Sunday, October 26, 2014

You can never have enough skeletons in your closet

I love Halloween time because my skull and bones fetish is finally not frowned upon for a short time. And this year I was not completely broke when the 'costumes' hit the stores. I already have a lot of skull and crossbones clothes but now I finally got the chance to create a full skeleton look :)

The gloves and the stockings were supposed to be glow in the dark but from what I saw so far they didn't glow. Maybe they are one of those that need to be exposed to light 1st. So to put this skeleton look together as a simple idea for a Halloween costume :)

Here is the complete look that includes skeleton gloves, stockings and a rainbow galaxy skeleton sweather. Some lace shorts and huge dark eye make up. To show off the feet bones I wore some opened toe shoes - which might not be a very good idea for an actual night out since it's getting cold out there. I also got these crazy eye candy that fits perfectly to my close up image the the best bone details :)

I fell in love with the new Book of life movie trailer and it inspired this look a bit :)

Here is another picture of the outfit with the gloves a bit more exposed <3

Sweather: eBay, Shoes: eBay, shirts: Red star, Gloves: Muller, Stockings: Lidl

Do you ever want to wear a simple version of a Halloween costume in every day life? 


  1. Jaz sem si tudi tele nogavice kupila, komaj čakam da jih oblečem <3 Super outfit!


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