Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday stamping: The 90ies - Sailor moon

This week the theme of the Sunday stamping challenge is The decade you where born - mine is the 90ies.  And what makes me think of that time most is all the time spend in front of the TV watching anime -  Sailor moon :) 

And I am so grateful for the reboot because the old one was kind off sucky at times :) And I finally got my Sailor moon plates thanks to the amazing angel from Intense polish therapy <3 Also I created with layers of different polishes a base that is just perfect for this mani. 

Here is a nice gif of the reboot so you can see where I got the color scheme inspiration from :)

source: tumblr

A quick snap of the plates <3

For the base I used layers of different polishes that have a lot of shaped glitter. The white base is Sinful colors Wisp and the glitter polishes are Essence Sunshine and red roses, Silly Lilly polish New Years eve and Claire's Bonjour. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me black and hehe 013 plate. 

Any other moonies out there? :)


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