Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 30 - A tutorial

Everyone has that one mani that they are super proud of. And this is mine - I call it the masterpiece nails <3 Since I am so in love with them I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to make these pretties.

You will need a base polish - I used Catrice Berry Potter & Plumbeldore. Then 3 polishes that stamp over that base. I tested them out first. I decided for Essence stamp me!black Sinful colors My Kryptonite and Essence The Boy next door. The I choose 3 very different patterns of plates QA65, BM212, QA66.

Step 1: After the base is dry you take some sticky tape strips (and I recommend you stick then on some other surfaces first so they loose the stickiness) and randomly apply them to the nail in a way so 1/3 of it is exposed. Then you stamp over that part. Here I used Sinful colors My Kryptonite and QA66.

Step 2: Is the one with all the hard work. You have to have twice as many sticky tapes as before. But the old ones should still be ok. Then apply them over what you already stamped and what you want to stay bare. I recommend that you apply a top coat over what is already stamped so that the sticky tape doesn't accidentally ruin it. I used Essence stamp me! black and QA65.

Step 3: Now apply the sticky tape over everything you stamped so far and stamp over what is left bare. I used Essence the Boy next door and BM212

Then it's time for clean up and some top coat. I love how these turned out so dark and mysterious. This technique is great also if you want something very unique and full of patterns but don't want to use a lot of polish. Because you only need a strip of a stamp you don't use as much of the stamping polish. 

So I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that it will inspire you to try this technique :)

I wore this nails for quite some time! But here you can see that I didn't had the energy for another hand. So I just used the same colors and different shapes on the other hand. So here is a rare 2 hand picture :)



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